NASJE Committees

Annual Conference Committee (renamed from Education Committee as of 8/14)
Purpose: The Education Committee was established to plan and implement the educational components of the Association’s annual conference.

  • Ileen D. Gerstenberger, Co-Chair
  • Joseph Sawyer, Co-Chair

Bylaws and Policy Manual Revision Committee
Purpose: The Bylaws and Policy Manual Revision Committee was created to periodically review and purpose amendments to the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manual for the purposes of updating and revision as necessary.

  • Margaret Allen, OH (Chair)  (as President-Elect)

Communications Committee
This committee was recently renamed from the Newsletter Committee and its duties exapanded. The Communications Committee is in charge of determining content, writing, editing, and producing a newsletter for the membership of the Association. In addition, this committee ensures that the Website provides resources, information and communication networks for NASJE membership and their colleagues.

  • Christal Keegan, NV (Chair)
  • Nancy Smith (Vice Chair)
  • Special Advisor: Steve Circeo (Non-Member)
  • Board Liaison: Kelly Tait, NV/VT

Diversity, Fairness and Access Committee
Purpose: The Diversity, Fairness, and Access Committee was created to recommend methods and opportunities for addressing diversity issues and implementing greater diversity within the Association, its projects, and products. The Diversity, Fairness and Access Committee is intended to work with the other committees and the Board in obtaining goals related to diversity issues.

  • Todd Brower, CA (Co-Chair)
  • Jesse Walker, WA (Co-Chair)
  • Board Liaison: Cynthia Davis

Education and Curriculum Committee (Renamed and purpose expanded as of 8/14: formerly the Curriculum Committee)
Purpose:  The Education and Curriculum Committee is charged with updating and disseminating the curriculum designs, creating other designs as needed, and planning, developing, and conducting education such as webinars, online courses, etc.

  • Caroline Kirkpatrick, VA (Co-Chair)
  • Jeff Schrade, AZ (Co-Chair)

Fundraising Committee
Purpose: The Fundraising Committee was established to research, identify, and obtain funding sources to support the goals of the Association.

  • Claudia Fernandes, CA (Chair)
  • Board Liaison: Jeff  Schrade

Futures Advisory Committee
Purpose: The purpose of the NASJE Futures Committee is to identify trends and make forecasts of emerging issues, knowledge, and information that have the potential to significantly impact NASJE and the practice of judicial branch education in the United States and to report those trends and forecasts to the NASJE Board and membership.

  • Christy Tull, OH (Co-Chair)
  • Katheryn Yetter, NV (Co-Chair)

International Committee
Purpose: The International Task Group was established as a result of a strategic planning session in February 1997 to address Board goals of expanding NASJE’s focus to international judicial and justice system education. It is also intended to recognize the contributions of NASJE’s growing international membership to the profession.

  • Claudia Fernandes, CA (Chair)
  • Board Liaison: Joan Bishop

Membership and Mentor Committee
The Membership and Mentor Committee supports and enhances both continuing membership in NASJE and recruits new members. by ensuring that each member is aware of the resources available to them through their NASJE membership and has access to those resources and services.

NOTE: You can find the NASJE Mentor and Mentee Applications in the NASJE member area.

  • Margaret Allen, OH (Co-Chair)
  • Johnathan Bowers, UT (Co-Chair)
  • Board Liaison: Margaret Allen

Nominating Committee
Purpose: The Nominating Committee was created to make recommendations to the Board and the membership regarding individuals to serve in leadership positions. The committee solicits input from the membership regarding potential leaders, assesses members’ interest in serving in leadership positions, and assures that those nominated or voicing interest in serving are qualified to serve.

  • Jill Goski, MN (Chair)