Transitions – Spring 2011

Please join us in welcoming the following new NASJE members:

  • Hon. Timothy J. Baland, Facilitator, Literature for Lifelong Learning, Battle Lake, MN
  • Ms. Janice Calvi-Ruimerman Esq., Deputy Director, Continuing Education, Connecticut Center for Judicial Education, Hartford, CT
  • Hon. Debra Heise, Co-Director for Judicial Education, Idaho Supreme Court, Boise, ID
  • Ms. Julie C.S. McDonald, Program Attorney, Indiana Judicial Center, Indianapolis, IN
  • Hon. Michael McLaughlin, Co-Director of Judicial Education, Idaho Supreme Court, Boise, ID

1 comment for “Transitions – Spring 2011

  1. October 12, 2011 at 8:33 am

    Welcome Tim!

    For those who might not know, Judge Timothy J. Baland is a superb judicial educator, specializing in law/literature seminars. I have had the privilege of attending one of Tim’s excellent law/lit two-day programs, and I am proud to count Tim among the co-facilitators of KeynoteSeminars. Tim’s experience is most impressive and includes service as a war crimes tribunal judge in Kosovo.

    NASJE will, I’m sure, benefit from Tim’s insights, and our members will delight in his thoughtfulness and good humor.

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